I'm slowing down with these coffee thoughts.

Articles I write tagged coffee thoughts serve several purposes. First, I want to write because I find that it helps me clear my internal thinking. I thought I'd write more because I paid for ghost pro, but this site had two posts for the first half of this year. Second, I want to overcome my obsessive behavior in perfecting my writing. Perfectionism is also the reason this site only had two posts. I have plenty of drafts that are still unpublished because I don't think the writing is good enough.

So here's where coffee thoughts come in. I spend every morning writing as much as possible and then post it when my oversized coffee runs out. But, I didn't realize I would have an even harder struggle figuring out what to write.

I wake up, and I stare at the blank post, and nothing comes out of my head. Typically, my mind travels at light speed after I sip my coffee. I have a million thoughts going on in my head. I think about life. I think about work. I even think about thinking! My brain is crazy.

But when I stare at this editor, my mind is blank. And it's incredibly frustrating!

The title of this post is what happens in the ghost editor when you start typing in the body.

And I'm posting this. Because my coffee is empty.